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We may be the "new kid on the block" when it comes to our distributorship, but we're certainly not new to the industry.

With experience in hotel management, food preparation and serving, catering, event planning, decorative layout and party accessories, and just many times being a guest, we know what sets you apart from the crowd.

Impression is everything in your business, and we here at Chocolate Cascade are dedicated to your reputation. Your success is our success, and we never lose sight of that fact.

We know a great product when we see one, and we care about our reputation. We would never sell, nor even recommend something that wouldn't be cost effective, efficient, reliable, well made, and wouldn't add stars to your rating.

We do not have a "cookie cutter" operation, and each of our customers is treated as an individual - with respect and great service. Your input, opinions and feedback are very important to us, and we value your business.

With our customers in mind, we have provided ease of product review and evaluation using our web site, and include a list of "Frequently Asked Questions" and answers to help facilitate your search for information.

We also allow for ease of ordering and payment through secure servers on our web site or by phone using our toll free "800" number.

We sell worldwide, and we look forward to adding you to our list of "The Most Innovative Caterers in the World."

Are you ready to "Indulge Your Passion"?




Welcome To Chocolate Cascade! Welcome To Chocolate Cascade!